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Libs Elliott


Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Rules, M'kay?

"bright", "cotton", "kona", "quilting", "robert kaufman", "solid"Elizabeth Elliott
I've been quilting for a few years now and there's one fabric I am consistently in love with. It's Robert Kaufman's Kona Cotton Solids. For any seasoned quilter, I'm sure you already feel the same way. But for the new quilting enthusiast out there who is looking for the perfect solid cotton, this is it.

First of all, there are 243 colours to choose from. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface - I haven't even gotten my hands on the 28 latest colours yet. They range from subtle to super bright and fit any project. To make it even easier, you can buy colour bundles in FQs or charm packs.

Secondly, they sew up like a dream. Just a perfect weight to work with that cuts easily and moves through your machine like butter.

Third, and most importantly, the colours stay fast. Yesterday, I put it to the ultimate test. Not really on purpose see...I don't pre-wash my fabrics. I'm one of those people that feels it's just an extra step keeping me from getting my project started. Anyway, I'd completed a twin 'Rock' and 'Roll' quilt set (which I'll be posting in the new shop shortly), which have various bright Kona reds/pinks on Kona white. It came time to wash them up and I admit, despite my confidence in the brand, I was a little nervous. Okay, a LOT nervous. It's RED! On white! I checked on them several times in my machine during the hand-washing cycle. Terrified the red would bleed. Guess what? It didn't. Not even a bit. That's what I call perfection.

Here are just a few projects in which I've used the Kona Cotton Solids.

If you live in Toronto, get yourself to The Workroom in Parkdale to find a great selection of Kona. The ladies there are super helpful and it's a lovely, inspirational space. If you prefer online shopping, I recommend ordering from Pink Chalk Fabrics or Fat Quarter Shop who both provide quick and excellent service. Now, get to it!