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Triangle Magic via Processing (Or: Because Processing Alone Doesn't Keep You Warm At Night)

"colour", "joshua davis", "kona", "processing", "quilting", "triangles"Elizabeth Elliott
So there's this guy named Joshua Davis who, apparently, is a big deal. Okay, seriously, he is. Because everything he makes, no matter what he's using, will blow your frigging mind.

Before I ever met Josh, I remember that exact moment - sitting at my office desk about 10 years ago, listening to Amon Tobin, clicking around on Praystation and thinking, "Holy shit. I don't understand what this is but it's cool." Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to him at a talk he was giving in Toronto and I think I uttered something like, "hey".

Fast forward to today and I'm still consistently floored by what he does. I have a traditional creative background but I don't profess to really grasp technology. Technology and I are on a need-to-know basis. So people who combine creativity and technology to make amazing stuff happen always dazzle me. Spend 5 minutes with Josh and you'll instantly be inspired to make beautiful things happen. That, or do cartwheels.

Anyway, Josh recently did this workshop in Colorado where he and his students used Processing to generate graphics that could be routered with a CNC machine onto wood skateboard decks. When I saw what Josh made, my first reaction was: QUILT BLOCKS!!!!!

So I mustered up the nerve to ask Josh if I could base some of my quilt projects on his Processing stuff. I say 'nerve' because, although we're friends, he's kind of in a different league than I am. The kind that takes me back to that "hey" moment. At the same time, I take my craft as seriously as he does his all evens out, right?

This is what Josh did in Processing....

And here's what I'm doing with my sewing machine and a serious stack of Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids and Ann Kelle Remix zig zag:

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

That's it so far! I'm kind of getting obsessed. At some point, I'm going to try my hand at using Processing to dictate what I produce. I need The Wizard to help me with that though.
For now, these will all be turned into quilted pillowcases and quilts and sold in my  shop Libs Elliott. Some might even make it over to Munich, Germany for a special Christmas show....but more on that later.

Time for coffee!