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Libs Elliott


Selling Myself

Elizabeth Elliott
I've been working on a stack of Processing quilts and cushion covers for the new online shop inventory. You know what's more difficult than doing all this piecing and sewing? Writing the 'About Me' bio. This is where having a professional editor would come in handy. I need to stop avoiding it.

Anyway, here's what's going down in the studio:

This was actually the first processing composition I chose to quilt almost a year ago, after Joshua Davis passed the code to me. I cut the pieces and started it, then began to question whether or not I liked it, so it ended up in an 'on hold' project bin. Really glad I dug it up and finished the piecing because it really is quite rad:

And here are some of the cushion covers that will be in the shop shortly:

I'll launch the shop right after a well-deserved week of fun and sun at the cottage. It's the only mandatory summer event in this house.