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Libs Elliott


A Project for Playground Inc.

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This September, Playground Inc., a digital creative agency based here in Toronto, approached me to do some pieces for them due to the fact that I combine coding with quilting. It was the perfect fit. It's the first time I've worked with a client who really understands both the technical and the creative part of what I do.

They have a beautiful, open-concept space way up high in downtown Toronto. The natural light, not to mention the view, is stunning. Having an extensive background in agency life, I understand how important it is to make agency spaces edgy yet comfortable. I love that Playground Inc. seek out local talent to contribute to their space.  That talent includes notable artists such as Mike Parsons of Hey Apathy! and RUNT (see: Lee's Palace mural).

We decided to go with five cushions for their lobby/lounge area that would stand out in the five Playground Inc. brand colours. Using the Processing code developed by Joshua Davis, I added a few new graphics into the mix and came up with five random designs. I built new templates to paper-piece each cushion, assembled them all and quilted each one differently.

I think everyone was happy with how they turned out and now the peeps at Playground Inc. can take a more comfortable break once in a while.