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Libs Elliott


Where Technology Meets Traditional Craft

Elizabeth Elliott

I'll admit I was in a bit of a daze after being interviewed by Nora Young for CBC Spark. (I think it airs this Sunday.) It felt like a fun, exciting blur but...I realized shortly after that I completely left out a key point of view on combining new technology with traditional craft. So here is a more coherent explanation:

In my opinion, the past is comforting and the future is exciting.
My father is an antiques dealer so I grew up around 'old things'. Beautiful things that were crafted by hand and that have a rich history. Naturally, growing up in this environment and learning the history of all these objects, I still find comfort in the old. However, I also have a great appreciation for clean, modern design, architecture and technology. The future is exciting, fast and random...just like the HYPE_Processing tool I use. The past and the future evoked opposite, conflicting feelings in me until I began making these 'modern heirlooms'. I love what I do because it brings together modern technology and traditional craft in a harmonious way and solves this dilemma. Somehow, magically, it just works.

I'll be discussing this more in my talk at the Toronto Wearables Meetup on Tuesday, January 28th.

Latest commissioned quilt. Designed with HYPE_Processing. January 2014.