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Libs Elliott


Whole-Cloth Processing Quilt

Elizabeth Elliott
I meant to post this just after Christmas and already it's mid-January. This is the last quilt I made in 2013. It was a commission for a friend who wanted something pure and white as a gift for his wife. We decided on doing a solid 'whole-cloth' quilt. It differs from other quilts I've made as there's no patchwork involved. Instead, the stitching pattern is the main focal point. 
So, using Processing, I generated this composition...

Then I prepared the quilt sandwich on the floor and traced the entire pattern, in a grid, onto the fabric. Since it was white fabric, I was able to use Frixxion pens to mark it up. These are dry-erase pens that happen to work on fabric and disappear entirely when you iron it. (Note: if you use these on coloured fabrics, there's a chance that some colour will be lifted out of the fabric which isn't so great.) I used one coloured pen for the grid, and another for the actual pattern so I'd know which lines to sew and which ones were just guidelines. Once the entire pattern was traced on, I started quilting from the centre and just randomly following the lines as continuously as possible.'s the end result:

I love the subtle effect of the quilting on the solid white fabric. And, apparently, the gift was very well received. 
(NOTE: Fabric used is Bella extra-wide solid in White. Thread is Aurifil.)