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Libs Elliott


The Rebel Quilt

Elizabeth Elliott

Today I published my first quilting pattern for sale on Gumroad called The Rebel Quilt.

I've been making and selling the Processing quilts for over a year now and, while I love sending quilts off to people, I do have a fair number of quilters who follow what I'm doing...and vice versa! I love how close we all feel, thanks to social media, despite being a global community of makers. I love how different everyone's work is. I love the positive support we all provide to one another. And I love to see how one pattern can be interpreted so differently by so many people. I finally decided to write a pattern myself in the hope that I can make more of a creative contribution to our global quilting community.

I hope everyone has so much fun with the pattern!

If you're not a quilter, but you love The Rebel Quilt, the original is up for sale in my shop right here.