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Libs Elliott


Two Years?!?!

Elizabeth Elliott

Really?? It's been two years since I've written a blog post? Well, for a while I wasn't sure about having a blog. But, there's a lot happening so I've decided this is the best place to give people updates.

First of all...I have my first fabric collection with Andover Fabrics coming to shops this JUNE! I couldn't be more excited about it...

I've been working hard to prepare for Spring Quilt Market in SLC. I have a team of wonderful people helping to make samples of quilts, handbags and garments. I really can't wait to see what everyone does with it. Andover has been amazing to work with and they are such a stellar team...I'm already gearing up for the second collection!

Secondly, I'm preparing to do a huge on-site quilting exhibit and workshop with WantedDesign in Brooklyn this May. It's part of NYC Design Week, which is a pretty huge, citywide event. Visitors will be able to come by my space and design quilt blocks that I'll add into the quilt that I'll be sewing. We'll have a special Kids' Workshop day on May 8th (Mother's Day!), where kids can drop by to make a quilt block to add to the quilt as well as make one to take home. I'm hoping this will give people the opportunity to see how quilts are made, appreciate the design and effort that makes up this craft that I love so much, and feel like they're contributing to something beautiful. When it's all done, I'd love to auction it off for a charity...still planning out those details... I'm also pretty sure I'll live stream some of the event so you can check in on me from wherever you are.

And...third, I'm co-ordinating pieces to be sent down to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln, NB. I am really honoured to have an exhibit of my quilts there this June/July. More details about that will be up on my site and theirs in the coming weeks...

That's it. Now get back to work!

xo Libs